• Provide our customers with the best solutions at the lowest cost.
  • Attend to the particularities of each client finding the solution.
  • Customers must be satisfied in strict measure of their needs.
  • The operation must monitor the evolution of customer safety conditions by examining them every 6 months.
  • Powershield’s goal is to be a dynamic and proactive partner rather than a simple service provider.
  • As soluções propostas aos clientes da Powershield devem ser executadas e monitorizadas de acordo com o Manual de Gestão da Qualidade e Ambiente.
  • Powershield professionals will only be admitted after thorough checking of their curriculum and passing the current psycho-technical tests.
  • Powershield professionals should be provided with conditions of safety and hygiene which enable them to perform their duties in conditions of dignity that are adequate and appropriate to the duties they perform.
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