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Segurança Privada SA

We are a company confident in our services, mainly for the experience acquired over the last 30 years by the work and dedication provided in the area of ​​Security and Human and/or Electronic Vigilance services.

We are also a company with rigorous methods of selection and recruitment of human resources.

Knowing the responsibility that comes from it, and for that reason, it is in full awareness and with great pleasure that we provide a good technical performance as well as the integrity that we are expected.

A company that intends to assert itself solely for the high quality of the provision of its products and services.

A company with an integrated vision of security concepts and techniques, which seeks the best solutions for its clients taking into account the cost/benefit, risk/effectiveness and necessity/efficiency accounts.

We are a company whose main objective is to carry out our services in the best possible way. It is not our intention to reach the dimension, but we want to be a reference SME that distinguishes itself by the excellence of its products and services.

Services that we will fulfill within our parameters doing what we were asked by our customers.

Powershield Services

Powershield, S.A.

Powershield, S.A. is a company specialized in private security, know our range of services
Powershield Services