The success of our activity is based mainly on the quality and professionalism of our Human Resources.

In the company’s staff we find experienced professionals of recognized merit. Suitability, integrity, morale and trust are the foundation pillars that have moved us through the years.

All the shareholders and the Administration were military personnel, having carried out their military service in the Special Forces of the Army and of the Portuguese Air Force having later embarked by the Private Security sector on civil life, where they represented at the highest level security companies based in Portugal, having acquired the experience and knowledge necessary to provide serious, responsible and reliable services.

The remaining employees are recruited and selected in compliance with the legal provisions, combining with other methods that allow us to gauge their personal characteristics.

The professional training, taking their previous qualifications in account, enabling them to the designated function is totally ministered by the staff of Powershield.

Our professionals are submitted to initial training programs according to the performance of their duties covering areas as necessary as: surveillance techniques, computer science, emergencies, observation techniques, first aid, conflict management, telephone assistance, events, concierge and other according to the needs of each client.

The social responsibility of our company is the value we cherish, consider and put into practice. For obvious reasons, our professionals have to develop their activity always free of any concerns related to their economic and social well-being.