We guarantee the safety of persons and goods in companies and individuals that entrust us with this responsibility. Through human resources, electronic media or the combination of both (integrated), we try to meet all the needs of our clients in the following areas:

Our professionals are legally and socially safeguarded, which makes us a strong, competitive and motivated team.

How we do it

We use simple and, above all, transparent processes in the execution of any service or supply of any product. Our services are under permanent scrutiny by the client, allowing their continuous improvement. In our services, we promote the establishment of clear written procedures that allow scrutiny to be objective and measurable.

In addition to the safety procedures specific to each client, our professionals are obliged to comply with technical procedures and codes of conduct for mandatory observation. The planning is carried out according to the result of the previously prepared safety study that, as referred, will take into account the particular needs of each client.

These needs are reviewed every 6 months through follow-up studies that will take into account the evolution of the company both in its business dynamics – which may give rise to other security challenges – and to the evolution of its physical conditions, whether perimetric or even peripheral. This monitoring is fundamental to the success of the operation.