Management Policy

Powershield is a company with an integrated vision of security concepts and techniques, always looking for the best solutions for its customers and other relevant stakeholders, taking into account the cost/benefit and need/efficiency ratios.

Powershield's Board of Directors is commitment to the following set of principles:

  • Ensure customer satisfaction with high quality products and services, in accordance with their needs, expectations and applicable requirements. needs, expectations and applicable requirements;
  • To provide its clients with competent and appropriate solutions reflecting best practices;
  • Ensuring the security of information and the preservation of its clients' property;
  • Ensuring compliance with applicable legal requirements and all compliance obligations the company has subscribed to or will subscribe to;
  • Ensuring the professional development of employees by providing the necessary training, ensuring that their skills are appropriate to the functions they perform, and raising awareness of the importance of their activities in the context of the integrated management system;
  • Encouraging its employees to take care of their safety, identifying and reporting all risky risk situations;
  • Promote the involvement of workers in consultation and participation;
  • Contribute to the elimination of hazards and reduction of occupational health and safety risks for its employees and other stakeholders. its employees and other stakeholders;
  • To provide healthy and safe working conditions for the prevention of injuries and health problems, for all the company's functions, activities, services and processes, in accordance with their nature. health, for all the company's functions, activities, services and processes, according to the specific nature of their risks and opportunities. risks and opportunities of the integrated management system;
  • Promote the application of Good Practices, with a view to protecting the environment, including the prevention of pollution and the more efficient use of resources in order to improve their environmental performance. environmental;
  • Guarantee the resources and means necessary to develop the integrated management system;
  • Promoting continuous improvement in Quality, Environment, Health and Safety at Work and Labor Compliance and Labor Compliance, establishing objectives and targets, which are periodically evaluated with a view to the effectiveness of the integrated management system. "

OD-01/2, of 01 February 2021

Licenses no. 216 A,B and C

In the event of a dispute, the consumer can turn to a Alternative Dispute Resolution: CACCL - Lisbon, Tel.: 218 807 030.
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