We announce the New PowerShield Training Center in the Algarve

PowerShield, a reference in the private security sector in Portugal, is pleased to announce the opening of its new training center in the Algarve. This center responds to the growing demand for excellent training in the area of ​​private security, offering a range of courses that allow you to obtain the MAI card. This card is essential for anyone who wants to carry out personal protection functions in a professional and recognized manner.

Why Choose PowerShield Training?

1. Strategic Location: The new training center is located in the Algarve, an easily accessible region with excellent infrastructure to receive our trainees. The Algarve is known for its hospitality and ideal conditions for a calm and focused learning environment.

2. Complete and Specialized Training:The courses offered by PowerShield are designed to provide trainees with essential knowledge to perform security guard duties effectively and professionally.

  • Physical and Electronic Security: The course includes technical training in physical and electronic security, providing an in-depth understanding of security systems and how to operate them.
  • Security Procedures for People and Property: You will acquire practical skills in security procedures to protect people and property, as well as preventing crimes.
  • Human and Electronic Surveillance: Learn how to operate alarm reception and monitoring centers and video surveillance systems, ensuring security through advanced technologies.
  • Emergency and Alarm Procedures: Training in emergency procedures, including alarm response, to ensure trainees are prepared to act quickly in critical situations.
  • Performing Personal Searches:Performing Personal Searches: Develop skills in personal search procedures for prevention and security, ensuring a safe environment.
  • Conflict Management: Acquire conflict management techniques that help resolve tense situations effectively and peacefully.
  • Personal Defense: Knowledge of self-defense to protect yourself and others in threatening situations.

3. Team of Experienced Trainers:At PowerShield, we have a team of highly qualified trainers with extensive experience in the field of private security. They bring practical and theoretical knowledge, providing balanced and high-quality training.

4. Modern Infrastructure:Our training center is equipped with cutting-edge technology and modern resources to ensure that trainees have access to the best learning tools.

Benefits of Obtaining the MAI Card

The MAI card is a mandatory requirement for anyone who wants to work in the private security sector in Portugal. With it, graduates will be qualified to perform personal protection functions, becoming professionals capable of facing day-to-day challenges in this area. Furthermore, obtaining this card through PowerShield ensures that graduates receive an education that is recognized and valued by the market.

Registrations Open!

Places for our new training center in the Algarve are now open and are limited. Don't miss the opportunity to start or advance your career in private security with PowerShield.

How to Register:

  • Visit our website for more information and to complete the online registration form.
  • Contact us via email to clarify any doubts.
Invest in your future and become an excellent private security professional with PowerShield. Join us in the Algarve and start your journey towards success.


We are waiting for you! Welcome to the new PowerShield training center in the Algarve.


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